It’s Chowderfest Time…and It’s Contest Time!

When the weather starts to get just a little bit cooler, I start to get a-hankering…a-hankering for a palette-full of liquid warmth and flavorful nourishment.

This coming Sunday is one of the great food traditions in South Jersey: LBI’s Chowderfest. Now into its third decade of existence, Chowderfest is a great way to usher in fall – as well as sneak in an extra taste of summer after closing time. We will once again be attending this year’s festivities, though we will not be part of the cast of characters determining the Critics’ Choice winners.

Thinking about attending yourself? Well, you could always just pay the $20 admission fee ($50 for the VIP treatment: earlier entry and a T-shirt). You could also volunteer and really feel like a part of the action. The event usually has about 400 volunteers working, so there’s a need for an extra set of hands.


You could enter our contest to win a free pass!!!

* Cue game show music *

Oh yes – we’re doing it again! Last year, we gave one lucky winner a free pass and another winner a free T-shirt. Well this year we’re skipping the T-shirt. This time around, we will be giving out two…count ’em…two free passes to attend Chowderfest this Sunday. And how you enter couldn’t be simpler: you just need to leave a comment on this post about Chowderfest (how much you love it, you’ve always wanted to come but haven’t been able to, why you should get the free pass, etc.) by midnight Thursday (9/30). We will randomly select two people, and will announce the winners on our Friday Foodstuffs post.

So come and try your luck, and please tell your friends – or even your bitter blood enemies – to post a comment as well. Who knows…maybe you (or a bitter blood enemy) will be lucky enough to attend Chowderfest for free!

– John


7 thoughts on “It’s Chowderfest Time…and It’s Contest Time!

  1. I won last year and what the heck I want to be in the running to try and win again! Why not!Count me in…awesome contest and yum yum chowder!

  2. i have always wanted to attend chowderfest! i have heard such great things. My 2 sons 9 & 12 love chowder as do my husband and myself. This would be a perfect family day out for us! Thank you!

  3. I love the 'chowda'. Finally get to go this year – after trying for several. Should be a fantastic weekend out. So, let the chowder be hot and the beer be cold

  4. My daughter is visiting from N.Y. this weekend and she is bringing a bunch of old French movies for me to watch with her. PLEASE PLEASE help me avoid this. We need CHOWDERFEST!

  5. I would love to take my Mom to the chowderfest. She is getting ready for surgery and I would love to do something nice for her before it. Unfortunately I can't afford the tickets. I'm an LBI resident and always support all the chowder entries. Help me make a great day for my Mom!!!!!

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