Friday Foodstuffs 10.29.10: Great Adventures in Jersey Wine

It was twenty years ago…not today, but recently…when a young lady was reading a Sherlock Holmes book inside of a toll booth while a driving rain fell all around. Suddenly, her world would have an unexpected guest: a fellow male employee, recently hired, is dropped off at her booth by the supervisor’s van. The two would have a brief chat about, well, Sherlock Holmes of course, but of other things as well. The conversation would be brief, however, as the van would arrive again, moving the new employee to a different area that needed an extra set of hands.

From such humble beginnings sprouted one of the great romances of the late 20th Century…well, at least we think so. And we still love Sherlock Holmes (watch the new version on PBS called ‘Sherlock’ – it’s very well done).

The place of employment where our love started was none other than Great Adventure, and next weekend Six Flags is trying something a little different to help fill the off-season schedule: a GRAPE Adventure! A wine and food event, to be more precise. Nine local wineries are scheduled to be part of the festivities, including Laurita, Tomasello, Valenzano, and Auburn Road. There will also be food, and there will also be a food competition: the Jersey Shores’ Ultimate Chef Award battle on Saturday November 6 at 3PM. You can also enjoy a tour the safari as part of your day – but I would not recommend trying to find out if the lions like their wines on the sweet or dry side of things.

The event will be held from 12PM to 5PM on November 6 and 7, and the cost will depend on whether you take the safari tour or not. With the tour, the cost is $30 per person ($22 if you order tickets before November 5). Without the tour, the cost is $15 per person ($12 before November 5). And I hope, for everyone’s sake, that old guy with the bald head and glasses doesn’t show up; I can only imagine what he would be like with a couple of glasses of wine in him.

Actually, I don’t want to imagine that.

So what’s on the bill for this weekend? Beside lots of candy, for sure, but also…

Tonight is the night for the annual Harvest for Hunger event at the Collingswood Grand Ballroom. Harvest for Hunger helps to raise funds for Cathedral Kitchen. Salem City Cafe is also having a special Halloween event, and a Wine Pairing Dinner is taking place at Peter Shields Inn in Cape May. Tomorrow will be the Iron Cupcake Challenge at Pinsetter Bar and Bowl in Pennsauken. And on Sunday, Kids Eat Free at The Pop Shop in Collingswood. At the Golden Inn Resort Hotel in Avalon, it will be a Wines Around the World Weekend starting tonight.

I was contacted this week by Katie Chalmers, author of the book ‘Mommy, What Is Celiac Disease?’ about her local appearances this weekend. She will be at Wegman’s in Mount Laurel this Saturday from 11AM to 1PM, so if you want to get a copy of the book and/or ask questions about this condition, Katie will be happy to do both for you.

Here is your cooking class schedule for the weekend:

Tonight: Bon Appetit: Autumn Celebration at Sur La Table in Marlton, Homemade Soups and Stews at Kitchen Kapers in Moorestown, and Cocktails and Cravings at Viking Cooking School in Atlantic City.

Tomorrow: Lovely Lunches for the kids at the Gloucester County Institute of Technology in Sewell, a Family Fun: Halloween Party at Sur La Table, a Savory Pies and Tarts Workshop and Date Night: In Rio de Janeiro at Viking Cooking School, and The Green Goddess – The Avocado at Kitchen Kapers.

Sunday: Champagne Brunch and The Great Pumpkin at Viking Cooking School.

Blogging Out Hunger

A food drive is taking place in Swedesboro to help the South Jersey Food Bank.

And in the news…

Two bills are working their way through the state government: one to help promote Jersey Fresh, and one to help protect it from fraudulent usage of the name.

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