The Mac is Back! It’s The 2nd Annual Mac Off

Looking for a fun gourmet event that is a lot of fun and kid-friendly? Not to mention, an event that won’t put a big dent in your wallet? Then the Mac Off is the thing for you!

It’s the 2nd Annual Mac Off, an event that was put together last year by Chef Mark Smith (of Tortilla Press fame) to get a jump start on SJ Culinary Events’ Homestyle Classics Comfort Food Week. Last year it was quite the successful event, but it was quite the packed house at the Tortilla Press Cantina. This year, the event is being held on January 17 at 6PM at the Collingswood Community Center, so there will be more room with which to move around.

But it’s just mac and cheese, right? Yes it is, and yet it’s not. You’re going to have a number of chefs putting their own unique spin on the classic comfort dish, and many of them will have an ethnic slant. You will be surprised at the wide variety.

Need more enticement? How about that fact that it only costs $10 per adult and $4 per child to attend? And – the proceeds will be going to the Food Bank of South Jersey.

Robin Shreeves (of SJ Locavore fame) and her family sat with us last year, and it was quite the eating experience. Lots of bowls piled high, and lots of kids happily stuffed.

For more information, contact the Food Bank of South Jersey at 856.662.4884 x133.


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