Friday Foodstuffs 1.7.11: The Show Will Go On at the Levoy Gala…and Hopefully, Shows Will Go On at the Levoy

I have a soft spot for Cumberland County. I have happy and vivid memories of visiting my grandparents down in Bridgeton. To this day, I still have family that live in the county; we even spent our New Year’s with my cousins down in Millville. When stories about what the communities in Bridgeton, Millvillle and Vineland are tying to do to bring themselves back appear, I read them with great interest.

So it was sad to read and see the images of the collapse of the Levoy Theatre this week. The restoration of this classic movie and performance house in South Jersey has been a long process. Just to get the funding in place took years to get settled. But they got the funding together and had started the restoration work. There was hope that events could be scheduled by July.

And then, this week happened.

For those of us who don’t live in Millville, we would find it easy to say that the project should be scrapped. But bringing back the Levoy seems to have touched something in Millville. People really want to see this theatre brought back to life. The people who run the Levoy Theatre’s Preservation Society are committed to the project, and believe that this is only a delay in the end result, not an end in of itself.

Yet another sign that things are moving forward is that the 2nd Annual Levoy Gala will still be going on February 12 at the New Jersey Motorsports Park. The Gala is a night of dinner and dancing, and the theme this year is “In Love with the Levoy”. Seeing that pile of collapsed material, my guess is that those who attend that night really are in love with the Levoy. I wish them all the best, and look forward to seeing the Levoy rise again.

Tired of the snow and the cold? How about something to warm you up, like maybe a Warm Up with Wine, Cheese and Comfort Foods? That’s just what Sharrott Winery in Blue Anchor is offering this weekend from 11AM to 5PM.

Peeking ahead to Monday, the Mays Landing Country Club will be the site of the monthly dinner of The Epicurean Society of Southern New Jersey. The dinner starts at 6PM and costs $25 for non-members ($10 if you are a member).

The cooking class schedule this weekend is as follows:

Tonight: Bon Appetit: Delicious Resolutions at Sur La Table in Marlton, Fire Up Winter for Couples at Kitchen Kapers in Moorestown, and the Gourmet Club at La Campagne in Cherry Hill.

Tomorrow: Essential Knife Skills at Sur La Table, a Savory Pies and Tarts Workshop at Viking Cooking School in Atlantic City, Cape Cuisine Cooks Southern and Soul Foods at the Cape May Court House Library, and Sushi 101 for Couples at Kitchen Kapers.

Sunday: Artisan Breads at Home at Sur La Table, and Kids in the Kitchen – New Year’s Brunch at Kitchen Kapers.

Blogging Out Hunger

Demand up, and donations down, at the Southern Branch of the Community FoodBank of New Jersey.

Down in Cape May, the Mid-Atlantic Center for the Arts was able to raise over $1,100 for a local food bank during the holidays.

And in the news this week…

Mentioned this on our Facebook page earlier this week, but it’s certainly worth repeating: the owners of Sweet Jenny’s say that they will be open for business “in a year.”

The “Made With Jersey Fresh” bill was signed into law.

The state’s oyster industry announced this week a $50,000 investment into the Delaware Bay Oyster Restoration Project. The project still needs an additional $100,000 t0 replenish the oyster beds before the summer.

As part of promoting the upcoming Atlantic City Restaurant Week, participating restaurant chefs will be creating healthy meals with kids at the Boys and Girls Club in Atlantic City every Wednesday through February 27.

A little Jamaican flavor is making its way to Main Street in Medford next month.

And Paul Villari, Jr., who opened Villari’s Milmarian in Palmyra back in 1948, passed away this week at the age of 83.

Hope you have a great weekend.

– John


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