Check Out Our TV Appearance on “Restaurant: Impossible” This Wednesday!!!

Food Network’s Restaurant: Impossible, starring Chef Robert Irvine, will debut this Wednesday at 10PM with the episode that took place at Villari’s Milmarian in Palmyra. This episode  was shot back in May, and we were two of the four people sitting at the ‘critics’ table. We have not seen the final product yet, so we have no idea how much or how little we actually appear in the episode. So, we will be watching along with everyone else with curiosity. We will also be tweeting as we watch at @EatingInSJersey and @lhowardfusco, using the #foodnetwork hashtag.

In addition, Lisa’s post on our experience that day will be posted either right after the show or by Thursday morning at the latest. And if you happen to miss the 10PM airing, the episode will be replayed at 1AM as well as on Sunday January 23 at 6PM.


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