Friday Foodstuffs 2.18.11: And The Winners of the AC Restaurant Week Contest Are…

…yeah, as if I would just tell you straight out like that.

Oh no. We have to build up the drama a bit.

First of all, I want to once again thank the Atlantic City Convention and Visitors Authority for being so generous in providing the prizes for the contest. Ever since the first AC Restaurant Week, we have found the folks at the ACCVA to be helpful and professional with all of our inquiries.

I also want to thank everyone who participated in the contest. Without you guys, we don’t have a contest. Then again, if it wasn’t for you, Lisa and I would have five free dinners down in Atlantic City. But that’s OK…you go and enjoy yourselves…don’t worry about us…we’ll just be at home…staring at the walls…

Just kidding. It’s been fun doing the contest, and we’re glad that a number of people joined in to be a part of the festivities.

So…just how did we determine the winners? In the age we live in, where a machine named Watson can beat our best human Jeopardy! players and such, we let the computer do the thinking. And so,we used the Random Integer Generator program at to generate five numbers based on the number of players in the contest; each person was assigned a number based on when they left their comment (since every comment on our site and our Facebook page is date and time stamped).

OK, let me go over my checklist…thanked the right peopleexplained how the winners were determinedannounce winners already, Mr. Point Belaborer…what th’? OK, here are the winners of our contest:

Frank Lepre, who commented on our Facebook page that “Atlantic City has what it takes when it comes to eating out!”

Tracy, who said on our site “Thank you for the opportunity to win the certificates. We live so close to Atlantic City but don’t go often. This would give us a chance to see what we have been missing.”

Mary Ballerin, who said flat-out on our site that “I’d love to win!”

James R. Poley, Jr, who said “Sounds umm umm Good!! When can we eat??”


Jennifer Kennedy Dombrowski, the very last contestant in the contest, who said on our Facebook page “Would love to have a free night out with the hubby in AC…it has been such a long time since my husband and I have enjoyed an evening alone..especially since we welcomed a 2nd addition to our family in December.” (We can relate, Jennifer.)

We will be contacting the winners with further instructions. It is important that you guys respond back to us quickly so that we can mail out your tickets ASAP. Congrats to you…and we hope you enjoy your dinner during Restaurant Week! And for the rest of you, we plan to have more contests down the road, so keep an eye out.

What’s happening this weekend? More wine and chocolate!

Chocolate Week on LBI continues and will run through Sunday. There’s also a Chocolate Tasting Party going on at the  Millville Woman’s Club tomorrow at 1PM. Call 856.765.9203 to reserve. The cost is $10 a person. This weekend is also a Cape May Wine Weekend, which means a wine dinner at Washington Inn tonight, a Cape May Winery tour on Saturday, and a session of Cape May Wine School at the Washington Inn on Sunday.

On tap for cooking classes this weekend:

Tonight: a Risotto Workshop at Sur La Table in Marlton.

Tomorrow: Classic Chicken Recipes Every Cook Should Know at Sur La Table, a Celebration Brunch at Viking Cooking School in Atlantic City, and Meat Terminology Uncovered at Kitchen Kapers in Moorestown.

Sunday: Bake Sale Favorites at Sur La Table, Kids in the Kitchen – Breakfast at Kitchen Kapers, and Best of Class: Mediterranean Grill as well as a Winter Dinner Party at Viking Cooking School.

Blogging Out Hunger

Now you can make contributions to food banks via your state tax return.

A food distribution for those in need will be taking place tomorrow in Penns Grove.

A local branch of Edward Jones in Gloucester County will be holding a food drive from February 21 to 24.

And in the news this week…

A bill was introduced to allow for the sale of raw milk in New Jersey. Should be interesting to see how this goes.

Wow, the whole Charlie Brown’s saga just gets worse and worse: first bankruptcy, now the former president and vice president get sentenced for accepting $1 million in kickbacks from vendors.

Sweet Jenny’s rebuilding update: according to this article in the Press of Atlantic City, they plan on keeping the log cabin look.

The doors opened this month at Scotch Bonnets in Medford (at the Ted’s On Main location) and at Bubby’s Brisket at the Moorestown Mall. Meanwhile, the doors will be closing for good at Brenner’s Brew in Bridgeton and Europa Cafe in Delanco.

A newly replenished dune in Cape May is causing an issue with a local restaurant owner.

If you were curious about the Apron Strings classes for kids we list on our Cooking Classes page, here’s a nice little write-up in the Courier-Post about Apron Strings.

Burglars break into a jewelry shop in Maple Shade and steal…chocolate?

And finally…listen, I love my Tastykakes, and I hope they survive their current financial issues, but this Kandy Kake slider being made by Chef Matt Levin at Adsum? Erm, I think I will pass. For a Tastykake application I can support, check out our friend Bill Wilhelm’s Kuttered Krimpet Sundae on his Light Fare blog.

Have a great weekend!

One thought on “Friday Foodstuffs 2.18.11: And The Winners of the AC Restaurant Week Contest Are…

  1. congrats to all the winners!!! would have been a nice birthday present for my hubby today… maybe next time!
    thanks for the chance John!

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