Our E-Newsletter is Up and Running

Actually, it was up and running last week, as we sent out our first issue to those who had already subscribed.

So, what’s in the e-newsletter?

* Restaurant revisits! – We go back to some of the  places we have posted about to see if it’s still serving tasty stuff.

* More recipes! Cooking as local and as seasonal as we can manage.

* Our Monthly Pick of Events – The food happenings coming up that we think are the best of the month.

* Trivia! – Try your luck at our monthly challenge and win a prize!

* Other Stuff – Who knows what tidbits we might come across? Funny videos, anecdotes… And you can be safe in the knowledge that Charlie Sheen will not be in any of the videos we find.

If you would like to receive this extra virtual- basket-of-goodies every month, please go to the E-Newsletter page at the top of the page, above our logo, and sign up!




One thought on “Our E-Newsletter is Up and Running

  1. Phew! So glad about the CSheen thing, just could not digest any good food otherwise…

    Glad you guys are doing well on here. I love coming over and reading your updates. When are we going to see each other again?

    The kids will be grown and moved out by that time!

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