A Weekend of Beer, A Month of Grilled Cheese

Zippity zip zip goes the month of March, and before the week is over we will be starting April. If the ever-speeding calendar is making you feel uneasy and needing a break, you may be in need of a beer (A beer??? Clearly you don’t know my life…). Or perhaps a comforting grilled cheese sammich (A grilled cheese sammich??? Clearly you don’t know my weakness for such gooey crunchy goodness…).

If it’s beer you need, then the Atlantic City Beer Festival is where you need to be this weekend. More specifically, you need to be there Friday, because the Saturday sessions are SOLD OUT! The AC Beer Festival (aka The Celebration of the Suds) is by far the biggest beer festival in South Jersey, with many Jersey and East Coast microbrews attending. There will also be some larger international brews pouring their wares as well. If you want to get in on the fun, the Friday (4/1) session is from 7PM to 11PM, and the cost is $45 if you order now. If you wait until you get there for tickets, 1) you might be sold out, and 2) the cost goes to $50. My advice: don’t wait. It has become a really popular event – which also means that there will be a fair amount of folks there who will have enjoyed a bit too much of the suds, ifyouknowwhatimean. Just be mindful of the fact that it will be crowded and a bit rowdy.

If you’re more about gooey and crunchy, and less about, erm, brew-y, The Pop Shop in Collingswood is having its annual April celebration during National Grilled Cheese Month. Since The Pop Shop is known for grilled cheese sandwiches, it’s altogether fitting and proper that they some fun this upcoming month. Each and every day, they will be featuring a Grilled Cheese of the Day. Some will be old favorites, and some will be new creations. And maybe a few concoctions that were submitted by grilled cheese enthusiasts will be featured as well. You like cheese poetry? Then enter the Cheese Poetry Contest for a chance to T-shirt and a free lunch. And then there’s the Grilled Cheese King and Queen contests if you’re feeling a little more royale with cheese.


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