Saturday’s Gonna Be Big in Atlantic City and Bridgeton

How big is it gonna be, John?

Big enough to post about it, I guess.

All kidding aside, both towns will be having an event this Saturday that features something BIG. In Atlantic City, at the Chelsea Hotel to be more specific, the Atlantic City Firefighters Union will be taking on The Big Teplitzky in an all-out eating competition. What’s The Big Teplitzky? First of all, there’s no relation to The Big Lebowski (no bowling or guys named The Dude involved here). It is, in fact, a massive, tripped-out, über-breakfast that weighs in at a robust four pounds. What does one get for four pounds? According to Teplitzky’s, the restaurant at the Chelsea that’s serving up the goodness, you get “a heaping plate filled with fluffier than air pancakes, stuffed French toast, eggs any style, bacon, turkey sausage, pork roll, hash browns, grilled tomato, toast, a bagel and all the jam, butter, syrup and condiments anyone desires along with orange juice and bottomless coffee or tea to wash it all down!”

So this is how it’s going to down: at 1PM, members of the Firefighters Union will sit down and start chowing down. The first firefighter to finish every last bite wins an overnight stay at the Chelsea (which the person will need after eating all of that food) and dinner for two at Chelsea’s Supper Club (which that same person may not redeem for a few days after eating all of that food). It’s part of the launch of The Big Teplitzky on their menu, and will become a regular item for us non-firefighters to try ourselves.

But there’s more here, and I don’t mean a refill on the bottomless cup of coffee. If you wish to attend the festivities, the admission is $10 at the door (or $5 in advance). For your admission, you do get free appetizers, but the money is a donation towards two firefighter families in need: the Palermo family, who have a daughter that is trying to pay for medical expenses due to the treatment of her uterine cancer, and the McMeekin family, whose father was a firefighter until a car accident let him paralyzed.

I know what you’re thinking: do the firefighters stand a chance? I think they have a shot at it. And while it’s meant to be fun, you will be helping out two families as well.

As for the other BIG event…

I have a soft spot for Bridgeton. I know that the town is having its struggles (then again, aren’t we all?), but any time there’s a food event going on down there I try to mention it. This time, I think they’re doing something really cool. At 6PM on Saturday, it is the first in a series of movie-themed food events being held at the Ashley-McCormick Center on Commerce Street. And the theme? None other than a Festina Italiana based on the movie “Big Night”. I am going to assume that most of you have seen this movie. If you have not, stop what you’re doing and go see it…NOW. If you have seen the movie and need a refresher, here’s a little snippet from the film:

If you can watch that and not get hungry, you are clearly an alien and need to go back to your planet of origin.

So here’s how this is going to go down: at 6PM it’s a little antipasta and wine, then the movie at 6:30. At 8PM, you are served a full buffet-style dinner with items based on the movie. There will be a cooking demonstration at 8:45, and then finally dessert at 9:15.

Tickets for this event are $50 a person, but you better hurry up before they are all gone!



One thought on “Saturday’s Gonna Be Big in Atlantic City and Bridgeton

  1. Thank you so much for posting about our event. It will be a Big Night for Bridgeton, and a whole lot of fun! Wish you could be with us. Maybe next one – October 15th for the Mexican Feast! Will give you all the details after this one… Thanks again.

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