Friday Foodstuffs 4.22.11: We Turn Three Today

Three years ago, using one of the standard templates available at Blogger at the time, we started our little endeavor with the vaguely positive post entitled “Fun stuff will be coming …soon”. Oh from such humble beginnings…

With the use of modern technology, we were able to fully restore the original April 22, 2008 post in its entirety. Lisa personally spent hours brushing away bits of sediment to reveal the text. And as we read along, I will add some commentary.

Hello all…John here. (Hi John!)

Lisa and I are very excited about starting a blog about eating and living in South Jersey! (Only one exclamation point happy?)

(Well, actually, I’m very excited and Lisa is very nauseous. We’re expecting our second child, and Lisa and food are not on the best of speaking terms right now, if you know what I mean.) (Boy, didn’t I do a wonderful job of introducing Lisa to the blogosphere?)   

So…where do we get off doing such a blog? (Yeah, you’re so smart…where do you get off thinking such notions?)

We live in South Jersey, and we eat in South Jersey. Does that qualify us? (Go on…)

Actually, we want to do this because we love food and enjoy the area in which we live. We love to travel around to different parts of South Jersey and experience the sights and flavors offered. This blog is our way of putting these experiences into words for others to read, and, maybe, encourage some to try these places for themselves. (Ummmmokay, you can proceed.)

Lisa and I are Jerseyites through and through. Lisa was born in Hoboken, but grew up on the Shore (not literally, of course – you’d never get all the sand off). I was sort of growing up in Burlington County (Willingboro to be more specific). We met each other working one summer at Great Adventure back in 1990 (a true Jersey love story), were dating by the end of the summer, and through trials and tribulations (and a lot of fun mixed in as well), we’re still together. (Even with that terrible into I gave Lisa. She does put up with a lot.)

Our goal is to have the two of us post regularly on our experiences, both good and bad. However, we don’t plan to make this little corner of the ‘Net a place to spew hateful things towards anyone. Life’s too short and all that. (We do that in the privacy of our home. Well, not really.)

And, above all, Lisa and I are not going to play restaurant critics…not even on TV. There are qualified professionals who earn a living doing that kind of work. Our posts will be from the perspective of food enthusiasts who want to share their experiences with friends and fellow foodies. (Oops. Well, we actually did end up playing critics on TV, but most of that experience ended up on the cutting room floor, so no one is the wiser…except that I just mentioned it now. Dang.)

That’s all for now. (That’s it?!?! That was the big introduction?!?!)

I think I can say with all the confidence in the world that we have improved some since that first post. To those of you who have stuck around since the beginning, and to those who have joined in along the way, we thank you for reading and hope you stay tuned for more fun stuff coming…soon. (Hoo boy – three years and you’re still calling that thing you do humor.)

The big event this weekend is for those who celebrate Easter. I have a long list of restaurants doing special Easter brunches and dinners on our Events page, so you can go check that out over there. Other than that, the weekend is rather quiet. Tonight is the Everybody Loves Italian dinner and music event at the Greate Bay Country Club in Somers Point.

I want to direct your attention to two events happening next week. On Wednesday, Silver Diner in Cherry Hill is having a Dine to Donate for Autism evening. From 5PM to 9PM, 10% of your bill is donated to Autism Speaks. And then on Thursday, it is the national Dining Out for Life for AIDS. On that day, 33% of the cost of your meal will go to ActionAIDS. Check the list to see what restaurants in Philadelphia and South Jersey are participating.

What’s on the cooking class schedule for this weekend? Check out the schedule, and make sure you call ahead to reserve a spot.

Tonight: Patio Party at Viking Cooking School in Atlantic City and Fresh and Flavorful Pastas at Sur La Table in Marlton.

Tomorrow: Spring Tapas and Paella Party at Sur La Table, and Best of Class: Steakhouse at Viking Cooking School.

Sunday: Celebration Brunch and New! Surf and Turf Workshop at Viking Cooking School.

Blogging Out Hunger

ShopRite’s Check Out Hunger campaign raised a record $632,086 last year.

And in the news this week…

Another Jersey-based TV show is in the works: Crazy Susan’s Cookie Company in Ocean City will be the subject of a new Food Network reality series called “Tough Cookies”. You better make your way over to Crazy Susan’s now before you can’t get in the door.

The Burlington County Community Agricultural Center is much more than just a location for a farmers’ market.

Ever have a great sammich idea and wished that a local deli would put it on their menu? At Nixon’s Deli in Tabernacle, you have your opportunity.

Want to know where we are with Jersey wineries and a recent federal ruling that could severely hurt the industry? Read this post from NJ Wines Uncorked.

Another feather in the cap for Flying Fish. Kudos to them.

And how about the Garrison family farm in Salem County, which has been farming the same plot of land for 250 years. Yes, years.

Enjoy your weekend!



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