Don’t Forget About the Herbs! Herb Classes and Festival Weekend at Triple Oaks in May

Today is a little on the warm side of what you would expect an April day to be. And even though we have done very little to it, our front yard garden is already sprouting some things. Not vegetables, but herbs.

We spend a lot of time talking about the bounty of fruits and veggies that is grown here in South Jersey, but we sometimes forget that we grow a lot of herbs here as well. Next month, Triple Oaks Nursery & Herb Garden in Franklinville is offering two ways to learn about and appreciate herbs. A series of classes under the heading “Starting Herb Garden Naturally” will be beginning on Wednesday May 11 at 7PM at the Franklinville location. These classes will run every Saturday though June 8. There will also be a special Saturday session on June 4 from 9:30AM to 11:30AM. Each class will run about two hours in length, and the cost for the whole series is $65 per person. The class is taught by Lorraine Kiefer, who is part of the the husband and wife team that started Triple Oaks back in the 1970s. Although the operations part of the business is now more in the hands of their son Joe, Lorriane is still very active in teaching and writing about gardening and food. We met Lorraine at the Cape May Food and Wine Fest last year, and we liked her very much. I can’t imagine that the class would be anything but enjoyable.

What will you learn? A little history, a little culture, how to plan and plant your herb garden, herbs for decoration, herbs for culinary use…and throw in a potluck dinner for good measure. If you want to really sink your teeth into herbs, this sounds like a class that would satisfy your knowledge craving.

If your interest in herbs is more on the level of a nosh rather than a several-course meal, Triple Oaks has their annual Herb Festival Weekend on May 28 and 29. At the festival there will be herb-enhanced food and wine tastings, tours of their gardens, cooking demonstrations and gardening lectures. And the best part? It’s all for free that weekend! I know that the festival is on our calendar, and we hope to make it down there for the end of next month.

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