Crabbing for Beginners in Cape May

Can I confess to something?

Of all the fun and exciting things one can do in South Jersey, I have never been crabbing. I know – amazing, isn’t it?

Even Lisa has done some crabbing. In her younger days, she went crabbing with her family out on LBI. She tells me stories about using chicken necks as bait, because evidently crabs go plumb Pavlovian when chicken necks are involved. She also described the almost indescribable smell of several day-old chicken necks when they are left in the trunk of a car during the hot summer. Ewwww.

Well, if you’re like me and you have not experienced the fun of crabbing, there’s a way you can get a taste without having to bring your own traps and bait. Every summer, the Nature Center of Cape May runs a weekly program called Crabbing 101 where you learn proper crabbing techniques. All the supplies are provided for, including The Skimmer – a 40-foot flat-bottomed boat that leaves from the Dolphin Cove Marina to take you on your crabby adventure. And the best part? You get to take home all the legal-sized blue crabs you catch!

The Crabbing 101 boat trips are held on Tuesdays starting 6/28, and they will run until the end of August. To find out when the trips leave and the cost for the trip, contact The Skimmer at 609.884.3100.



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