Blueberries in NJ are ON!

Oh, yes, they are. And there’s more to this glorious season than picking up a pint at the grocery store or farmer’s market along with some whipped cream for dessert (though there is ABSOLUTELY nothing wrong with that). In fact we can think of many activities that involve this amazing fruit, and here are a few of our favorites:

  • Go blueberry picking. If you want ’em fresh off the bush, and you’re not willing to traipse through the Pinelands with your field guide (to make sure you don’t consume anything you shouldn’t), head to a you-pick farm and pick to your heart’s content. We like to go to Emery’s Berry Patch in New Egypt; not only are they organic, but they are famous for incredible fresh-baked pies sold in their farmer’s market.
  • Get to a Blueberry Festival. This time of year, there’s tons, from the smallest church-run blueberry social to the biggest and best that are more like a carnival. Here are two of Jersey’s biggest ones:

This Saturday, June 25th: Blueberry Festival at Historic Whitesbog Village in Browns Mills. Fun, but skip the $8 parking fee (that involves parking in Osh Kosh and either walking or taking a shuttle bus back and forth-you might want to park along Rt. 530 instead and walk in- it’s faster and sometimes, closer.

This Sunday, June 26th:   Red, White & Blueberry Festival at the Hammonton High School  in Hammonton. This is the very best one, in our opinion: the most blueberries and blueberry products and treats available, the best parking situation, the best food…and free admission, to boot.

Whatever you do, grab all of these homegrown blue babies while you can…they’ll be gone by August!




One thought on “Blueberries in NJ are ON!

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