Friday Foodstuffs 8.19.11: Theme Park Rambles

FYI: This image of Palisades Park is for nostalgic purposes only, if you don’t already know. It’s long-gone and now the site of huge apartment buildings.

This week, our family visited a very well-known, corporate amusement park in New Jersey; but something was wrong. No, no one was injured, and we all had a blast…but we kept steeling ourselves to put up with the horrible, hideous, food-service food we’ve come to know and despise at this park. But here’s the thing- we didn’t, in fact, leave with indigestion. Apparently, this huge corporation might have finally decided that culinary excellence is not their forte, and decided to step aside and let other corporations in to feed their clientele. OK, so the burgers were Johnny Rockets,and the ice cream was Cold Stone Creamery,  but it was a step towards edible and digestible. We especially liked the idea that we could get ourselves some sushi and bubble tea on a ridiculously hot day instead of more greasy gunk to slow us down. But if they can do all that, why not let in some local vendors and really make a difference? How about an Uncle Dewey’s BBQ stand, or an air conditioned, Luke Palladino Express? Of course, I’m sure they will still be able to take their pimp’s cut and raise the prices to the ridiculous anyway. So why not let it be for food that’s good for all of us, all around? Just a suggestion..

OK, you’ve indulged my rants long enough. Here’s what’s going on this weekend…

Tonight: Bacio Beer & BBQ at Bacio Catering & Marketplace in Moorestown; Culinary Classic III – Jersey Fresh Seafood & Produce at Renault Winery in Egg Harbor City; Beer Wars Championship 2011 at
High Street Grill in Mount Holly.

Starting tonight and going into Saturday: Twilight Tasting at Heritage Vineyards  in Mullica Hill.

This week: Starting Sunday and going until next Saturday (the 27th),  Italian Week at La Campagne  in Cherry Hill.
Here’s the farmers’ market report…

After only four weeks, the Lower Twp farmers’ market is closing.

It’s good to see Democrats and Republicans work together for a change- Gov. Christie signed the Farmland Preservation Bill into law this week.


…And the Cooking Class Schedule…

Tonight: Grilling & Barbecuing and Surf and Turf at Long Beach Island Foundation of the Arts and Sciences in Loveladies; Eek! My Apartment Has a Kitchen at BCC Culinary Arts, Hospitality & Tourism in Mount Holly; Steak, Roast and Chop Workshop  at Viking Cooking School, Harrah’s in Atlantic City; Date Night: Summer Surf and Turf at Sur La Table in Marlton.

Saturday: Patio Picnic at Sur La Table; Best of Class: Date Night in France and Date Night: French Dinner at Viking Cooking School.

Sunday: Champagne Brunch at Viking Cooking School; Summer Desserts (Kids class) at Kitchen Kapers  in Moorestown.


Blogging Out Hunger

Faith Fellowship Ministries and their efforts to keep up with growing demand.

Want to lend a hand? The Free meal Center in Cape May County is having an open work day on August 27 for anyone to come a pitch in the building of the facility.


And in the news this week…

The bill to help promote Jersey Fresh and Jersey Grown, introduced by Assemblywoman Celeste Riley, became law this week.

Illegally trafficked oysters? Four Cumberland County residents and a South Jersey Firm are in BIG trouble.

Kids cannot live by bread alone. See what the Lacey Food Banks are doing to get kids much-needed school supplies and how you can help.

Looks like Moorestown might wet its whistle soon.

How a Sayreville strip club  might spell danger for the  BYOB question in Ocean City.

And some good news when it comes to the fishing industry, at least where flounder are concerned.

Have a great weekend!


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