Friday Foodstuffs 8.26.11: Part One, The Gathering Storm

So-have you heard what the weather is supposed to be like for this weekend?

So much for light, polite conversation. Hurricane Irene is busy barreling up the coast, and unlike other hurricanes I’ve ridden out over my years of living at the Jersey shore, I’ve never heard of anything like this  (unless you were around in 1944 for “The Great Atlantic Hurricane”). Sure, it could turn out to be nothing, like so many times before; but as of today, our town is calling for voluntary evacuations of folks who live near the water…and we live a few blocks away.  If nothing changes dramatically in the forecast, it looks like we are off to Mom’s house to be inland for the weekend. This means, instead of your regularly scheduled Friday Post,we will  busy packing up all that is near, dear, and necessary and “heading for the hills.”

You weren’t thinking of going out anyway, right? Right. Stay home, stay safe!



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