Can It! Take a Canning Class to Preserve Those Locally Grown Goodies

Ege Bamyasi by Can album cover

It’s amazing how one album cover can allow you to make a connection between a German experimental rock band from the 1970s (with a Japanese lead singer by the way) and taking a canning class in present day South Jersey. Oh, and Ege Bamyasi translates to Aegean okra, if you were curious.

Yes, with the Labor Day weekend now behind us, we have reached the unofficial end of summer. We are also reaching the end of many of those lovely summer crops that we get to enjoy while basking in the sun. And while you’re looking over your leftover tomatoes and peaches and such, maybe you’d like to be able to recall such flavors at a later date when you’re freezing your little tail feathers off.

Fear not! We have some classing coming up this month that can help show you canning and preserving techniques. The Burlington County Library will be holding two classes on September 15 at their main branch in Westhampton, one at 11AM and the other at 6PM. The classes are free to attend, but you do need to register in advance.

On September 22, Sur La Table in Marlton will be holding a Canning and Preserving Workshop from 6:30PM to 8:30PM. The cost for the class is $69 per person.

And as always, keep up on what classes are coming up in the South Jersey region by visiting our Cooking Classes page.


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