The Great Potato Pancake Contest is Coming!


Admission time: I have been secretly training. Running a marathon? Nope – that’s “Downtheshorewith” Jen Miller’s schtick. It’s something more, well, tasty. We were asked to participate as judges in a potato pancake contest that’s being held at Dubh Linn Square in Cherry Hill on December 19. And so, I have been eating a few more potato pancakes lately, getting my taste buds in proper shape. If you think you got a potato pancake recipe that would blow us away, here’s your chance! I could go on and on about the contest, but there are PR people for that, so let me give them a moment here to tell you more:

It seems everyone knows someone who claims they make “the best potato pancakes.” Whether you call them latkes, boxtys, draniki, hash browns, or fritters, cultures throughout the world adore crispy, golden brown potato pancakes. Quite possibly the ultimate comfort food, potato pancakes have rich history in Jewish, Irish, German, Russian, Austrian and Swedish cuisines for generations. The beloved fried potato treats even have a place in Korean and Indian kitchens.

Cherry Hill , NJ ’s Dubh Linn Square , located at 482 Evesham Road , is determined to find the best potato pancake recipe around. On Monday, December 19th (the night before the first night of Hanukah) from 6 to 8 p.m., Dubh Linn Square will host The Great Potato Pancake — a public tasting showcasing home cooks serving up some of the region’s best recipes. The public will pay $10 to walk around and taste the potato pancakes and cast their vote for their favorite. The admission fee also includes a draught beer.

A team of foodie judges including the Courier Post’s Food Editor Tammy Paolino, WPVI-TV’s Alicia Vitarelli, Peter Van Allen of the Philadelphia Business Journal,’s Nick Hamner, Inside magazine’s Greg Salisbury, Eatinginsouthjersey’s John and Lisa Howard-Fusco and Ed Hitzel will select the winner.

Interested home cooks should email Dubh Linn Square’s Christine Della Fave at by Friday, December 9th to register to participate in this walk-around tasting. Participants will need to bring 50 potato pancakes plus any accouterments to show off their prized creations. The winner will receive a $100 gift card to Dubh Linn Square, a $500 donation to the non-profit or charity of their choice, a film documenting the winner teaching Dubh Linn Square’s chefs how to make their recipe, and their potato pancake on Dubh Linn Square’s menu.

Learn more about Dubh Linn Square by clicking:

Got it? So come bring your best recipe, come sample the entries, and maybe even come and say hi to us.


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