The Only Constant in Life, the Universe, and Pizza Joints, is Change

In a world where literally hundreds of apps for your smart phone are released from the time you wake up in the morning to the time your head hits the pillow again, we sure do hate it when our beloved pizza places change in any way, shape or form.

The news came out that DeLorenzo’s would be closing its Hudson Street location in Trenton on January 15, which was followed in short order by the official (sorta, kinda) announcement that the Mack family of Mack & Manco fame in Ocean City was being bought out. As of January 1st, Mack & Manco will be Manco & Manco.

Did the folks in the region take all this in with a yawn and a shrug? Oh no no no – there were a multitude of articles that were being shared all over the social media universe. People were sad. There was even a bit of wailing and gnashing of teeth. After all, we deal with so much change on a daily basis. We want there to be some constants in our lives, whether it be family, a beloved pet, or even a local yokel eatery. If Gaetano’s ever closed their Willingboro location on JFK Way, I would be completely gutted over that occurrence.

So what do we do now? Well, the first thing would be to not panic. Take a deep, cleansing breath. Get your mind to that peaceful, quiet place you keep deep inside. And now, repeat these words:

The pies will still be there.

There will still be a DeLorenzo’s in Trenton; that would be the Hamilton Avenue location. However, if you want the same style of tomato pie as was served at the Hudson Street location, then you can go to the relatively new Robbinsville location. And the Robbinsville location has ample parking and bathrooms. Bathrooms – what a luxury! But if you just have to have the experience, you have until the 15th to get to Hudson Street. The 15th is also my birthday, so there might be a tomato pie standing in for a birthday cake in my near future.

As for Mack & Manco (now Manco & Manco), unless the secret to their tasty crust and the trusty saucehose are being taken away as part of the buyout, there will be very little different about the change other than the obvious update in signage.

So there is change, and yet, not that much to really upset the balance of things. The pies will still be there.

The pies will still be there.



3 thoughts on “The Only Constant in Life, the Universe, and Pizza Joints, is Change

    1. Which one: Mack & Manco’s or DeLorenzo’s? M&M is a decent pizza with a really good crust, and DeLo’s is really good stuff.

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