Cake Time: The Garden State Cake Show

It’s cake time!

Well, it could be argued that it’s always time for cake, bit this weekend it will be time to really get your cake on.

The 2012 Garden State Cake Show is happening on March 10 and 11 at the Burlington Township Middle School at Springside in Burlington. This event is part demonstration, part competition and part shopping – but it’s all cake. Now in its third year, the Cake Show has become a regular fixture in the South Jersey food events scene.

If you’re looking to bulk up your cake making skills, there are over 20 classes spread out over the two days. The roster of instructors is a pretty impressive group of seasoned chefs that specialize in cake making. Just the classes alone make this a worthy event.

Then you have the cake competitions: one where folks bring their creative creations to be judged, and one where they have to create on the spot. On Sunday afternoon, teams will be competing in a live challenge.

And then, you have the many different vendors that will be there displaying their cakes and cake supplies.

The best part? Proceeds from the event will be donated to the Burlington Township Food Pantry.

Sounds like cake heaven to me.



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