AC Beerfest Snapshots

Last night I attended the Atlantic City Beer and Music Fest for the first time in over  seven years…my how things have changed! Here’s a little taste of the fun…

The best part of the night was getting to meet many of the South Jersey (and “Central Jersey”) brewers in this explosion of craft breweries we’re having. And tasting is believing: most are not just marketing ploys but really are brewed in the Garden State by people with a passion for the beer. Flying Fish, Carton, Cape May, Tuckahoe…they were all there, pouring the most amazing suds. There’s lots of talk from these guys about sourcing locally, enough that they’ll be several posts and interviews on our site, so stay tuned.

Clayton and Mike, Kane Brewing in Ocean Township

And this is my new favorite brewery, Turtle Stone. They’ve literally just opened for business, having just gotten their license a few weeks ago. They are the nicest brewers I know, and their Red Rye and Chocolate Milk Stout were amazing, drawing a lot of raves.

Ben and Becky of Turtle Stone Brewery, Vineland

Pete Culos, a fellow craft brew fanatic, was my partner-in-crime for the evening. We were both interviewed for WHYY News Works; let’s hope we make the final cut. Pete is really knowledgeable and  is a pro on camera, even if he doesn’t know it…

My friend and guru of beer, Mr. Gary Monterosso, debunking “beer myths” at  a beer seminar…

Although I had an excellent apple cider/horseradish/ hemp-flour pretzel (yes, I’m serious), the best thing to eat there was the pizza and cheesesteaks at the Tony Baloney’s “Mustache Mobile”. Here’s Mike Hauke, the crazy-like-a-fox owner, just happy to be there, doing his thing…

Ummm, it’s also a music fest, right? Here’s a photo I got of Marky Ramone’s Blitzkrieg during the sound check before they told me I wasn’t allowed to shoot anything. Oh, well…it was cool to be able to see one of the last remaining members of the Ramones, even if it was a bit like “It’s the Ramones Show starring Marky Ramone!”

These are the Stellar Corpses, the best band that night in my opinion….where else you gonna hear a crazy-good punk band with a standing bass?

And here’s my favorite scene of the night. A brave man!

2 thoughts on “AC Beerfest Snapshots

  1. The AC Beer & Music Fest was awesome. A great crowd, great bands, and a great weekend. Thanks to all who came. We had so much fun playing Point Pong (almost beer pong). Point Pong will be back again next year!!

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