Friday Foodstuffs: Change is Good

Time to tinker.

Sunday will be the 4th anniversary of the launch of this website, and as with any birthday it is a time to reflect, take a moment to look around, and make changes where changes can be made. The Friday Foodstuffs post, an institution on our site since August 2008, had become a big sprawling endeavor every week. By the time we got it finished and posted, we’d already be into the weekend.

So, to be more user-friendly, we will be posting the weekend events and cooking classes on Thursday, and will make the Friday Foodstuffs post more news and opinion-related. Hope you like the change!

Restaurant News

The Revel-oution in Atlantic City continues: the soft openings for Azure by Allegretti and American Cut by Forgione took place last night to a packed and excited audience. Both restaurants open today!

Look for the opening of La Terrazza on Route 70 in Cherry Hill sometime next month. The new eatery will occupy the spot vacated by Mirabella Cafe, which closed last month (yikes – that came out of nowhere).

And it looks like Tavro 13, which will located at the old Swedes Inn location, will be open for business this summer.

The Farmers’ Market Report

SJ Locavore Robin Shreeves is back in action and has posted about the farmers’ markets that will be opening in May. The big one in Collingswood will have its opening day on May 5.

One farmers’ market that will not be opening this year will be Medford Lakes.

Blogging Out Hunger

May 7 is the date for this year’s Share Our Strength’s Taste of the Nation Philadelphia.

And in other news this week…

Update on the BYOB in OC showdown: on the ‘pro’ side, their first public information presentation was about dispelling myths, while on the ‘no’ side their first public information presentation focused on the riskiness of introducing BYOB to their family-friendly shore town. For a good read on the whole BYOB situation, check out ‘Downtheshorewith’ Jen Miller’s piece on WHYY’s NewsWorks site.

Meanwhile, here’s an article about the relaxing of alcohol laws that have been taking place over time in Cape May County as views and attitudes towards alcohol have changed.

Chef Chaz Brown from Voorhees will be part of a new TV series on Bravo called “Around the World in 80 Plates.”

And…he likes cold beverages! G Love and Fat Tire will be combining forces to make a new brew this June. Evidently G Love is a homebrewer, too.

Have a great weekend!


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