Friday Foodstuffs: A Panzarotti is NOT a Fried Calzone

I’m not one to complain, but sometimes a do get a little put out over certain things.

Pizza joints come and go, and every so often a new one pops up and has panzarottis listed on its menu. And every time this happens, I think ‘This will be the one. This will be the place close to home that will do it right.’ Ever since I stopped calling Burlington County home, I have been in pursuit of a place that could make a panzarotti just like, say, Vincent’s in Merchantville. Each time I try another place, it’s a disappointment. But hope still manages to spring eternal, and I keep ordering the panzarotti.

It happened once again. A new pizza place opened its doors in town, got the menu in the mail, and right there in big red type was PANZAROTTI blaring in my face. How could I say no? We placed the order, anticipating that this time things would be different. Brought the box of goodies home, opened it up…and staring me were two fried calzones, soft and greasy. Ugh – not again.

And so, to all you pizza places that list panzarottis on your menu, I’m going to make this simple: a panzarotti is NOT a fried calzone. Please stop.

Thank you.

Restaurant News

Happy 200th Telford Inn! Celebrating two centuries of being a place of repast in Mantua, a special bicentennial brew made by Flying Fish will be served on Tuesday for $2.

Atlantic City goings on: Pickles Deli has reopened this weekend at Bally’s, Girasole is starting an express lunch option, Carmine’s at The Quarter is introducing an Italian-style clam bake on Mondays and Tuesdays for $55.

The Farmers’ Market Report

Maple Shade’s farmers market opened today, and the farmers’ markets in Haddonfield and Voorhees open on Saturday.

Interesting article about a woman from Barnegat that grows heirloom veggies…but might have trouble being a vendor at the town’s farmers’ market. What?

Blogging Out Hunger

NJ’s Farmers Against Hunger is looking to form a volunteer leader team at a meeting later this month.

The food bank at the North Baptist Church in Woodbury will be open this Saturday and next from 2PM to 3PM.

And in the news this week…

A week after BYOB gets shot down in Ocean City, Point Pleasant beach approves a curfew on alcohol sales at midnight.

Save-A-Lot, which opened in Atlantic City this week, will be opening another grocery store in Egg Harbor Twp in six weeks.

Nifty: local produce is coming in early this year.

Not so nifty: the owners of Nifty Fifty’s are in some serious hot water with the IRS.

The eel population on the East Coast is at historically low levels. Fluke, however, is back up to acceptable stock levels.

Have a great weekend!


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