Friday (into Saturday) Foodstuffs: The Strawberries Will Soon Be Gone…and That’s a Good Thing

(At last…The 1948 Show!)

I humbly come before you, late on a Saturday finishing my Friday post, admitting to the fact that there was time when I had no idea when it was strawberry season in South Jersey. Or blueberry season. Or peach season. Or…you get the idea. Come to think of it, there was a time when I didn’t notice a lot of things. The good news for me is I have been provided enough time on this planet to appreciate this whole seasonal thing. And am I ever so grateful for this.

I used to hate strawberries. Hate. Them. Now I know why: my only experience with strawberries, for the longest time, were those prefectly-shaped ones you get at the grocery store that are hard and lack flavor. I did not know strawberry until I picked a small, sun-kissed and tender Jersey strawberry and popped it right in my mouth. Only then did it all made sense to me as to why people loved these things. Accepting how wonderful these locally grown fruits were was also accepting the notion that they last for only a short time and then – gone.

And that’s wonderful.

It’s exciting when they arrive. It creates a wonderful level of anticipation when they are soon to arrive. And when harvest is six months away, there are tasteful memories that add color and nuance to our mental and emotional landscapes.

So get your strawberries now. This year’s window is closing. Blueberries won’t wait much longer.

Restaurant News

Exciting news! Sweet Life Bakery in Vineland is opening a second location in Cape May County. The name of the new place is The Barn Bakery/Cafe, and it will be on Route 9 in Clermont. Good luck Stephen and Jill!

From the Chowhounders: there’s a new Asian eatery in Toms River called Xina, which is being run by Steven Lee. Lee was general manager on Shogun at Bea Lea Golf for the past ten years. This might explain why Shogun has been under ‘renovations’ for a while now.

Prime Burger opens in Glassboro at the Whitney Center on Monday.

The Gables on LBI, which hoped to be open Memorial Day weekend after being damaged by fire, is now scheduled to reopen by July 4.

The Farmers’ Market Report

The farmers’ market in Pitman opens on Saturday, and Jennifer at Down-Home South Jersey has a nice write-up about what to expect this season.

Westampton will finally get their farmers’ market going this year, starting June 7 from 4PM to 7PM.

And look for farmers’ markets to start opening along the shore this month, including Ventnor, Ocean City, Toms River, Margate and Sea Isle City.

Blogging Out Hunger

This year’s Stamp Out Hunger campaign ended up collecting 400,000 pounds of food.

If you’re planning on attending Summerfest in Point Pleasant, bring food to donate.

A great story here about an Eagle Scout that is helping his local food bank in Medford.

And in other food news this week…

Buffets in Atlantic City are slowly but surely disappearing.

And Ralph’s Italian Restaurant in Philly is now the oldest in the country.

Have a great weekend!

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