It’s Gregapalooza Time!

We talk about an awful lot of events, usually food-related, that take place in South Jersey throughout the year. Blueberry festivals. Seafood festivals. Beer festivals. Wine festivals. And so on. But I’m going to deviate for a moment (just for moment, because there is a food angle coming up) and talk about a different kind of event coming up this Saturday.

Gregapalooza is happening this Saturday at Gloucester Township Community Park in Sicklerville. What’s a Gregapalooza? you might ask. Good question. It’s an annual music festival started by and still run by local folks and showcases local talent. The funds raised by the event are donated Camden County Animal Shelter in honor of Melissa Angeloni, who was a volunteer at the shelter before her death due to breast cancer. The event was started by one Doug Goldspiel, member of the band Endless Sacrifice and close friend to the Angeloni family. It’s a wonderful tribute that has become quite the little gathering for a good cause.

So why are we talking about Gregapalooza? Enter one Derek Timm. (Sure, there could be more, but we’ll stick with one for now.) Derek has his own very cool website for Philly and South Jersey eats called Bluejeanfoodcritic, and he contacted me about Gregapalooza and the new feature that he’s helping with at the event: a charity bake-off! (Food angle…ta da! Glad you stuck around.) For a $10 entry fee, you can enter your baked goodies for the contest that will be from 2PM to 3PM. So come for the music, stay for the baking contest…and most importantly, support a great local cause.

Oh, and the walrus was Greg…erm, I mean, the Greg in Gregapalooza was a friend of Doug’s, and it was Greg’s deck where the event was first staged. Now you know.



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