Friday Foodstuffs: Row, Row, Row Your Restaurant Row

My newest article for WHYY NewsWorks is on restaurant rows in South Jersey and how the success of Collingswood’s stretch of restaurants along Haddon Avenue is making other towns want to emulate the same kind of success. The three towns that I wrote about (Woodbury, Vineland, and Bordentown) are at very different stages in developing their own restaurant rows.

It is interesting how having a restaurant row, or having a number of eateries within a close walking distance from each other, can markedly improve how you are perceived as a foodie town. This is why Collingswood gets talked about a lot more as a food destination than, say, Cherry Hill, where things are much more spread out. And yet, you could make the argument that if you consider all of the diverse ethnic restaurants and markets in Cherry Hill, it may actually be a better food town than Collingswood. Food for thought.

Restaurant News

The Greater Bridgeton Amish Farmers’ Market may soon be open, even before the month is out.

Coming this fall to Vineland: Landis Pig Roast. Oh baby.

Dewey’s Dogs has got a new home on Route 9 in Lacey.

The Farmer’s Market Report

Yes, those blueberries are coming in early…and there’s talk of a record year for harvesting the Jersey blues.

Farmers’ markets opening: Hammonton (6/15), Bridgeton (6/15) and Sea Isle City (6/19).

Blogging Out Hunger

Juicy Juice has launched a Fruit for All campaign that will run through the end of August.

And in other food news this week…

The Judgment at Princeton: yes – better wines are being made in New Jersey. Let’s not get crazy here, but the big picture is that there are winemakers in place right here in our state that are committed to making great wine.

Legislation to help ease the rules for craft brewers in New Jersey got past another hurdle this week.

Kids, don’t be bringing your alcohol to Ocean City. It’s only going to lead to trouble.

And confiscated aquaponic equipment used for growing pot now being used to grow food in Philly.

Have a great Dad’s Day weekend!


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