Friday Foodstuffs: A Road Rally for Winery Awareness

Got $349 and an exotic sports car?

No? Well, I guess you can still read on, McDuff. (Me neither, by the way.)

But if you do, and you’re not busy this Saturday, how about a road rally around South Jersey, enjoying the wineries that dot the landscape? For you, here is the Vigneto Rally. Starting at the New Jersey Motorsports Park in Millville at 8AM, you and your co-pilot will get a chance to zip around the course at the Motorsports park before embarking on the tour of South Jersey wineries, winding around pretty two-lane roads. The rally was organized by Chuck and Jaime Knutson, and along with that they have started their own website called South Jersey Wine. Sadly, we will not be participating in the rally (we’re a few bucks short of the entry fee and our 2003 Mitsubishi Galant is not exactly ‘exotic car’ material), but, all snarking aside, it is a cool idea and I hope Chuck and Jaime have great success with the rally. And I’m also looking forward to reading their website for updates on the South Jersey wine scene, a growing and vibrant scene that is heading in a very positive direction.

Restaurant News

From Grub Street Philly: more clarity on what this Tavro 13 (nee Swedes Inn) in Swedesboro is going to be all about.

As the BBQ world turns…Hickory Hog moves out of their Route 88 location to Bridge Avenue in Point Pleasant, and Woodchuck’s BBQ takes its place at the old location and opens this month. Never going to complain about more ‘cue in Ocean County.

Amy’s Omelette House opened a new location in Cherry Hill.


Here’s The Farmers’ Market Report

Some markets claimed that they had Jersey crops , like sweet corn, so early people called the Department of Agriculture to tattle on them. Only thing was, it was true.

The Westampton Farmer’s Market opened yesterday!


Blogging Out Hunger

The Food Bank of South Jersey is pleased with its recent 400,00 pounds of donations-but still needs volunteers to distribute it all.


And in other food news this week…

Bill Simmons, known to Wing Bowl fans as El Wingador, was arrested on drug distribution charges.

Joe Sixpack from the Philly Daily News gives South Jersey brews some love.

Looks like the ReClam the Bay initiative is making progress.

NJ Brewery/Brewpub  bill   (S-641) seems to be making its way through the State House  rather nicely.

A local chef advocating the “Chefs Move to Schools” initiative wins a  National Spirit of Women Award.


…and don’t forget to catch Lisa and I tomorrow morning on Ed Hitzel’s “Table For One” on WOND from 10AM to 1PM! We’ll be talking all things food with Ed and his guests, and you can listen on the web by clicking on the link here.


Have a great weekend!


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