South Jersey Food Swap, The Sequel

It’s SOUTH JERSEY FOOD SWAP, THE SEQUEL! It’s just like the first South Jersey food swap…except now with dazzling special effects! Like lasers that go pew-pew-pa-pew, ninja battles too fierce to even mention here, and a powerful death ray that threatens all of mankind as we know it…mwahahahaha!!!

OK, nothing like that actually happening at the next food swap (aw mannnn).

What will be happening is Lauren Vitagliano and her merry band of happy food swappers bringing more local and tasty vittles they have prepared for exchange (with ninja-like skill! No? No fun.). The date for the next South Jersey Food Swap is June 29 (this Friday! pew-pew-pa-pew!), and the venue is Bellview Winery in Landisville. There is no cost to participate; you only need to register and then decide what tasty treats you intend to cook up and present. (And watch out for the death ray!) Will you cut that out?!?!?! (Sorry.)

The swap is from 7PM to 9PM, by the way. Special effects are completely optional.


2 thoughts on “South Jersey Food Swap, The Sequel

  1. I love the sound effects! It should be an amazing time, swapping food among the vines. I’m sure the fireflies will add some visual effects for us 😉 Think I’ll pass on the Death Ray…

    1. Nobody like the death ray. Maybe they should rename it or something.

      Hope you guys have a great time. Maybe we can make one of these some time.

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