Friday Foodstuffs: Edible Jersey Celebrates a Happy 5th

Membership does have its privileges.

As contributors to Edible Jersey, we were fortunate to be invited to their 5-year anniversary party held at Terhune Orchards in Princeton. It was a wonderful collection of writers, restauranteurs and food producers that came together to celebrate a publication that has done a great job in telling the story of food grown and made here in The Garden State. It was also an opportunity to recognize the winners of this past year’s Local Heroes, those who were voted by readers to be the best in the state in showcasing, well, the best in the state.

It was fun to see Stephen and Jill from Sweet Life Bakery again (it had been way too long), as well as watch their young son toddle around and charm the parts off everyone. And it was also a pleasure to chat again with Nancy Painter, editor of Edible Jersey. You could tell that Nancy was just amazed at all of the people who have become a part of this family – so many people who believe in New Jersey as a great producer of amazing food.

Restaurant News

The wait is over! Luke Palladino’s new venture at Revel, Luke’s Kitchen and Marketplace, opened this week. Looking forward to seeing (and tasting) what Chef Luke is up to with this new creation.

On July 23rd, Tortilla Press in Collingswood will celebrate 10 years – and look for special celebrations in the near future.

Staying in Collingswood, IndeBlue has a new outdoor deck for dining, and they’re not afraid to use it.

And once more with feeling in Collingwood, it’s the new summer menu at Blackbird.

Pickles at Bally’s in AC has a new big honkin’ sammich – The Monstrosity with Mustard. And there’s a challenge that goes with it.

Here’s the Farmers’ Market Report…

The trend this year has been for early harvesting of Jersey staples, and peaches look to be no different.

And speaking of peaches, Collingswood’s farmers’ market is having its annual Peach Party on August 4, and it will include a peach pie baking contest.

The farmers’ market at the Cape May-Lewes Ferry terminal is back for another year. The market will be on Saturday from 9AM to 1PM, and some of the vendors include Seaside Cheese Company and Beach Plum Farm.

The farmers’ market in Atlantic City opens this week as well. The market is open on Thursdays and Saturdays from 9AM to 3PM.

Blogging Out Hunger

A food drive is happening in Woodbury through the end of July.

And in other food news this week…

Beekeepers in Lower Twp: clarity has been provided as to how many hives you can have on your property.

In Moorestown, five of their six available liquor licenses draw $5 million in offers.

Lots of fuss over a possible ice cream parlor in Delanco.

Farm Aid 2012 is going to take place in Pennsylvania.

And happy 1-year anniversary to Cape May Brewing!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!



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