Back to School…Cooking School, That Is

It’s too’s just too soon.

This past week, we brought our little daughter Lizzie for her preschool orientation. She loved her little class, the toys, and the teacher. In fact, she loved it so much that she pitched a crying fit when we had to leave. When did our little girly girl get big enough to go to school?

That whooshing sound? Time going right on by.

But the kiddies aren’t the only ones who get back to the Three R’s in September (those being recess, raising the teacher’s blood pressure, and running home from school). For us old folk, the local community colleges have become a great place to try out a cooking class or two and learn a few R’s ourselves (live ravioli, remoulade and roasting).

No discussion of cooking classes in South Jersey can be had without talking about the Academy of Culinary Arts at Atlantic Cape Community College in Mays Landing. Thirty years and still going strong, the Academy of Culinary Arts has produced many talented chefs that have worked (or are still working) in the Atlantic City area. They offer a selection of cooking classes for those interested in sprucing up their techniques. For this fall, they have “An Evening in…” series, which will take you to culinary locations such as Normandy, Santa Fe, Indonesia and Old Havana. There will also be Baking and Pastry class series that can teach you about gluten-free baking, sugar-free baking and Italian pastries (and more!).

Considerably newer than thirty years, The Culinary Arts Center at Burlington County College, located in Mount Holly, has an impressive list of fun courses you can take this fall. Some of the highlights include a vegetarian cooking class for the non-vegetarian, a night in Provence, a bread boot camp, and an introduction to homebrewing.


Gloucester Community College in Sewell has been offering culinary courses as well as wine appreciation classes for some years now. The wine classes this fall focus on the regions of California. There is also a Cooking Couples series that will have classes in Thai, Polynesian and Greek cooking. And they once again have the Everyday Gourmet (I & II) courses to help expand your cooking skeelz.


AND…Ocean County College is now offering a bigger selection of culinary courses this fall at Ocean County Vocational Technical School locations in Brick and Waretown.  The range of classes being offered go from Basic Knife Skills, Soups, Chicken Entrees and Chili to a Tailgate Party, Oktoberfest, Sushi and even Flavors of the Jersey Shore.



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