Double Your Food Swapping Pleasure in December

South Jersey Swappers are having two – count ’em, TWO – swapping events in December.

Swap #1 is their regular monthly affair, which will be taking place on Saturday at Landis MarketPlace in Vineland from 10AM to 12PM. If you want to get in on this one, there is still time…but just a little bit of time, so don’t wait! Remember, you have bring something in order to swap, and you need to go here to get your ticket.

Swap #2 is one that would make Cookie Monster go all googly-eyed (then again…he’s always googly-eyed, isn’t he?). It’s a Sweet Swap just in time for the holidays! Bring your best homemade cookies and candy to exchange for other folks’ best cookies and candy. The date for this holiday swap is December 19, and it will take place at Woodbury Public Library. Please call ahead to save a spot or make your reservation on the Facebook page of the event.


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