The Sunday Edition: Beer for Babes Hits the Shore

Without question, I think Lisa is a babe. But I never thought I would ever be calling her a Beer Babe. And yet, that’s just what she is.

Beer for Babes, that rebel alliance of women who like their beers to have actual flavor, have started a Jersey Shore chapter – led by Lisa herself. And after having to reschedule due to Sandy, the very first Jersey Shore event will be taking place this Friday (December 7) at Harry’s Oyster Bar at Bally’s in Atlantic City. For only $15 (and an unwrapped toy for Toys for Tots), you ladies get the following:

* A craft beer tasting

* A beer discussion

* Munchies


* Stand-up comedy from one Joanne Filan. Lisa tried to get two, but they have a limit on Joanne Filans at Harry’s (weird, I know). Lisa and I have known Joanne for a long time, and she is one of the funniest people I have ever met…except when she does her stand-up. Don’t know how that happens. Just kidding. Check out her website for clips of her stuff.

Restaurant News and Notes

This weekend was the official opening of Le Cafe Creperie in Cherry Hill. They were already open, but now it’s official. So there…December 4 is Rodizio Grill at Voorhees Town Center. Rodizio Grill is a Brazilian barbecue chain, so we’re talking lots of meat and swords…Last weekend, Braddock’s in Medford suffered a minor electrical fire…Well, got my answer regarding the old Milano Modo restaurant on Route 38 that had been closed for some time: it’s now Italyani Food & Wine Brooklyn Style, and it’s still under the Lamberti umbrella..I also got my answer regarding The Shark Fin Inn here in town: there’s a ‘FOR SALE’ sign out front.

Blogging Out Hunger

With the holiday season comes special events to help those who are struggling, such as East Lynne Theater’s food drive to help the Cape May Food Closet. Good thing, because the need is great.

Mail carriers in Cape May County will be collecting food next Saturday (December 8) to help with local food banks.

And in other food news this past week…

An interesting article on the Courier-Post about local restaurants partnering up more with local wineries now that the stats laws have changed.

Jersey Mike’s Subs…in Philly? This won’t end well.

And beekeepers are working away at getting standard regulations for beekeeping in all state municipalities. They’re buzzing about it now so no one gets stung later. Thank you, and good night.


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