Eating, Drinking and Cooking in South Jersey This Weekend (12/21-23)

I’m going on the premise that Mayan calendar comicthe world, in fact, will not end on December 21. Call me crazy, call me foolish, call me Rufus Xavier Sasparilla if you wish (I won’t question your motive for doing so…well, yeah, ok, maybe I might), but I feel pretty sure that we’ll be here come December 22. But don’t let that stop you from enjoying one of the many End of the World parties being thrown on Friday, such as the one happening at Keg & Kitchen in Westmont all day tomorrow. Enjoy a fine craft brew as life as we know it ends. Yeah.

Then again, there may be one sign that the Mayans were on to something. Something sinister that been permeating our society. Something that might actually signal that life as we know it is ending. I’m speaking, of course, of the ugly sweater party. If there’s one thing that we as Americans do with aplomb, it’s create events for communal imbibing of alcohol. St Pat’s Day. The Super Bowl. Cinco de Mayo. End of World Parties. And now, even your revolting sweater is a cause for celebration. Cosmopolitan in Vineland is having just such a party tonight starting at 9PM.

Rest assured that you and your sweater will survive.

So what else is happening? Well, there’s this thing called Christmas coming up that the kids seems to be really excited about for some reason. So don’t expect a lot of festive food things happening, except for your Christmas Eve dinners (Feast of Seven Fishes, anyone?). You do have A Dickens Christmas Celebration going on at The British Chip Shop in Haddonfield. A scrumptious sounding menu for only $25 a person, so even ol’ Scrooge would approve. Begrudgingly.

Christmas in Cape May is in full swing, and later in the week they will have two Chef’s Dine Around events on December 26 and 27. They are very popular, so don’t wait. The world might end, y’know.

If you care to venture out of South Jersey…

Mummers. Soup. Sure – you can enjoy them separately. But why not celebrate them together this Sunday at the Mummers Museum.

Here’s your cooking class schedule for the weekend:

Saturday: Holiday Macarons at Sur la Table in Marlton and a Gingerbread House Workshop at Viking Cooking School at Harrah’s Resort in Atlantic City.

Sunday: Buche de Noel Workshop by FOOD & WINE Magazine at Sur la Table and Southern Specialties from the hit movie “The Help” at Viking Cooking School.

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