The Sunday Edition: Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

I love old movies, but there are some that do not hold much interest for me. “Meet Me In St Louis” is one of those films. But what I do find interesting about the movie is that the well-known Christmas song that was introduced, “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas”, is not in fact a merry little number. It was sung by Judy Garland’s character as a way to cheer up her little sister as the family prepares to move from their home and relocate to New York.

Looking back at this past year, between Sandy and the horrific events in Newtown, this holiday season has been about making the best of sad situations and hoping that ‘someday soon our troubles will be miles away.’ And so, for Breezy Point, for Staten Island, for Seaside Heights, for Long Beach Island, and for Newtown CT, we hope that you can find some joy in the holiday season. Or, if nothing else, find the belief that things will get better from here.

Restaurant News and Notes

Green Zebra in Glassboro will finally…finally…be opening! December 28 is the day…Meanwhile, on Main Street in Medford, Top Notch recently opened its doors. The word so far is very good…Another restaurant will be opening this summer at Moorestown Mall: Firebirds Wood Fired Grill. Between this and Marc Vetri’s Osteria, Moorestown Mall is certainly changing its image…Staying in Moorestown, Carollo’s on the Delsea Drive in Franklinville is opening a second location on East Main Street…Where are other folks eating in South Jersey? Lisa “Jersey Girl Cooks” Grant is in love with the new Tavro 13 in Swedesboro, Derek “Bluejeanfoodcritic” Timm enjoyed the food and the atmosphere of the tried and true Babe’s Bar and Grill in Gibbstown, and SoJerz Phood Eater enjoyed another good meal at Zinc Cafe in Medford.

Blogging Out Hunger

Don’t like attorneys? Maybe this will change your mind.

And in other food news this week…

Need a cookie idea…or 300? Rachel Prescott of Medford has a cookie cookbook out called “Christmas in a Box.”

And Albert’s Organics will be expanding its facility in Logan Township.



2 thoughts on “The Sunday Edition: Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

    1. You’re right. I was relying on the author of the post that I linked. You should let bluejeanfoodcritic know as well.

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