The Sunday Edition: If You Thought 2011 Was Rough…

The best thing I can say about 2012 is that it’s finally ending. May we never see its like again. On a personal level and from events around the country and the world, 2012 was a challenge, no doubt.

Restaurant News and Notes

The big and not so good news this past week was the lawsuit that’s being brought by a server against her former employer, Grand Lux Cafe located at the Cherry Hill Mall. If true, these are very serious charges of sexual assault and invasion of privacy…The Hamilton Mall is adding two more restaurants in 2013: LongHorn Steakhouse and Buffalo Wild Wings…Pitman Bakery announced its closing after 44 years…

Blogging Out Hunger

Ocean City Food Cupboard will be in its new home come January 2nd. Meanwhile, a local T-shirt sale is going on to help raise funds for the Food Cupboard.

A food and used cellphone drive is running in the Third District, with drop off locations in West Deptford, Salem and Bridgeton.

And in other food news this week…

Closed due to Sandy, the shellfish beds in northern Barnegat Bay were just reopened.

Another day, another pizza deliveryman being robbed.

A new private school in Newfield is getting praise for its ‘farm to school’ lunch menu.

Ice cream to be sold on the beach at Wildwood Crest? Maybe.



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