The Sunday Edition: A Cheesesteak Topped with Ketchup and Physical Violence, Please

I’m sure by now you have read the details of the man who got into an altercation with a Subway employee over wanting his Philly cheesesteak topped with ketchup. If not, have at it.

Up to speed? Fine.

The part that’s jokingly being played up, of course, is about how you should never order a cheesesteak with ketchup. (On the surface, I agree. Lisa, however, would not.) But, look beyond these two knuckleheads who decided to use their knuckles instead of their brains to resolve this conflict, and beyond this notion of wit or wit-out ketchup. There is a much bigger issue going on here…

Subway doesn’t carry ketchup?

What’s up with that noise? I have never ever even noticed this in the few times I have actually been to a Subway. I don’t know if this is something to be impressed over or not, but it is an interesting fact nonetheless. Makes you almost want to go to Subway and bug ’em for ketchup. Then again, maybe their staff is trained to answer that kind of response with their fists…so scratch that thought.

Restaurant News and Notes

The big happy news this week is that White House Subs in Atlantic City was finally able to reopen after Sandy. But they now serve fountain soda instead of canned soda. Don’t know if I can handle the change…Dodge’s Market in Elmer has opened up its second floor as a banquet space called The Chestnut Room…Roman’s Pizza in Pennsauken had to deal unfortunately with a driver that rammed into their place twice. Sheesh…Where are other people eating in South Jersey?  Melissa Baratta wrote in Jersey Bites about her enjoyable experience eating at Brooklyn Bistro in Toms River (which used to be Salang Kabob’s location. Miss that place.). Meanwhile, Nicole ‘South Jersey Foodie’ Pellegrini joins a growing list with glowing things to say about Tavro 13 in Swedesboro. Looking forward to trying that place soon. And, David Valiante gives good overall marks to Akira in Collingswood. Good to see some Asian eateries making their home in Collingswood as well.

Blogging Out Hunger

Yet another article stating the hunger situation in South Jersey and the stress on local food banks.

OCNJ CARE, which was established to help with the cleanup of Sandy, has now opened a temporary food pantry.

And in other food news this week…

A big good luck to out friends Stephen and Jill at Sweet Life Bakery, who are starting up a cooking class series called SLICE. Check out their site and our Cooking Classes page for what is scheduled. Class sizes are small, so don’t wait to register!


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