Union of the Snake: Chinese New Year 2013 in South Jersey

The Year of the Snake

C’mon…it’s the year of the snake…how could I not go with Duran Duran…

The Year of the Snake is said to be one in which good financial fortune will be smiling, so why not start enjoying that good fortune with a Chinese New Year dinner?

Let’s start with three special Chinese New Year dinners that are taking place. Buddakan in Atlantic City will be having a special tasting menu on February 9 and 10 to celebrate the holiday. Check out the menu for the details.

The Mandarin Group on restaurants (scattered around South Jersey) will have a nine-course(!!!) Chinese New Year dinner available on February 10 from 1PM to 9:30PM and again on February 11 from 4:30PM to 9:30PM.

And then you have Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant in Maple Shade, which will be throwing a Chinese New Year Brewmaster’s Dinner February 5 and 6 at 7PM. Five courses will be paired with a unique brew. Not your typical Chinese New Year dinner, but sounds exciting nonetheless.

And if you care to venture out of South Jersey (and where have you heard that before), Uwishunu has a great list of Chinese New Year happenings in Philly’s Chinatown and other areas.


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