The Sunday Edition: Fastnacht Day

If nothing else, the journey that is this blog/website thingy has made me come across interesting food facts.

Take for instance this coming Tuesday. Fat Tuesday. Mardis Gras. The day we now try to feel a bit more, erm, Cajun. But did you know (at least I didn’t) that Tuesday is also Fastnacht Day? In Germany, they celebrate the day before Lent with the indulging on doughnuts called fastnacht, and they sound quite lovely. In Pennsylvania Dutch country, this is a well-known day, but ’round these parts it’s pretty non-existent.

But there is hope. If you live near Cologne (Atlantic County, not Germany), Mickey & Minnie’s Inn is taking orders for fastnachts for Tuesday. They are offering three kinds of doughnuts: one with yeast, one with baking powder, and one with potatoes and yeast. Call them at 609.965.1877 to place your order.

And if you can’t get your order there, grab a doughnut from your favorite local bakery and celebrate all the same.

Restaurant News and Notes

It’s with mixed emotions that I read from Sweet Life Bakery in Vineland their announcement of reduced retail operations due to the current economic conditions (not to mention raising a little one). I am a bit sad that they’re scaling back a number of things, but I am grateful they are moving forward, including expanding their Slice cooking classes, which have been received very well so far. Good luck to you guys!…Look for new eating options at Tropicana in AC, including a Tony Luke’s outpost… Cookie’s (formerly of Pennsauken) has just opened a new location in Cherry Hill, much to the delight of their customers…

Blogging Out Hunger

Here’s a good story about a high school group in Burlington County that are collecting gluten-free food for local food banks.

And in other food news this past week…

The state government has granted a license this week to Jersey Artisan Distilling. It’s the first distillery to get a license in Jersey since 1933. And if you think this is a one-shot thing, think again. At least one other place is getting ready to be licensed as well – and they are located in South Jersey.

Yuengling is in a bit of trouble with the City of Philadelphia…to the tune of $6.6 million in owed taxes.

And look for Flying Fish’s FU Sandy brew to be available by February 16!


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