The Sunday Edition: The Food Trust Turns 20

As much as we spend our time here The Food Trusttalking about all things food in South Jersey, our hearts have a soft spot and a love for all things food in Philadelphia as well. We have found that as our journey moves along, we continue to meet folks on the other side of the Delaware that are making great things happen in Philly.

Saturday night, we had the opportunity to attend a fun little event that featured wonderful cupcakes, a little alcohol, and a celebration of The Food Trust’s 20th anniversary. What is The Food Trust? A wonderful organization that has been doing the hard work in bringing fresh food to areas of the city where such options have been non-existent. All they have done over their 20 years is run 25 different farmers’ markets, offer cooking classes, provide education on healthy food and the importance of where food comes from to kids and adults, assist in bringing grocery stores to areas of need, and work with school districts to help bring in healthier food to school lunches. Yeah – they have been quite active.

And so, in addition to all of the things we talk about regarding food issues here in South Jersey, we will from time to time talk about the efforts of such organizations as The Food Trust in Philadelphia. They can only serve to show us what is possible when you take strong belief and positive action and bring them together.

Restaurant News and Notes

Also at the event in Philly we attended on Saturday was Stephen and Jill from Sweet Life Bakery in Vineland. Always good to see those guys. They confirmed to us what we had already figured: in addition to their Vineland location reducing their retail operations, they will not reopen The Barn Bakery in Cape May County as well…Kings Lounge in EHT, which is looking to make its mark in South Jersey, had its grand opening on Friday…Chef Mike Jurusz opened up the new version of Atlantic Bar & Grill, now called Chef Mike’s ABG, this past weekend…Mangia Bene Pizzeria, brought to you by the Marlene Mangia Bene folks, will open its doors on February 26 in Bellmawr…It seems to be going from bad to worse for Chickie’s and Pete’s as they face even more lawsuits – oh, and they will be opening a new location at The Trop in AC…Could Pitman Bakery reopen? Sounds like there is interest…Where are other folks eating in South Jersey? Bluejeanfoodcritic was spreading the word about Speranza in Westville…And look for a write-up from us in the near future on Bombay Local Pizza in Voorhees, an Indian pizza shop that really does get the fusion thing…

Here’s the Farmers’ Market Report…

Johnson’s Corner Market in Medford will be opening March 15!

Blogging Out Hunger

The struggle with hunger in South Jersey goes on, and food banks struggle to keep up with demand.

And in other food news this week…

Two big, stunning items from the food world this week: the New York Times article on the snack food industry and the government study on fish fraud.

Read about Annie’s Project, helping women farmers with the business side of things.

And congrats to Chef Demetrios Haronis, named Chef of the Year by The Professional Chef’s Association of South Jersey.


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