The Sunday Edition: This Summer Is Going to Be Different

This past weekend Lisa and I got the kids out of the house (they needed…really needed to get out of the house) and went over to Jenkinson’s in Point Pleasant Beach to see the fishies. Jenks had just opened back up, so it was an opportunity to see how PPB was getting itself back into shape. I haven’t spent a lot of time purveying the damage of Sandy along the shore, letting the professionals handle that and staying out of their way. But it’s four months on, so I was genuinely curious. And when we got the boardwalk – the part that was still intact – and took a look around, it all still made me just shake my head in amazement. Four months on, and I’m still shaking my head.

This summer is going to be different.

The words out of our local leaders along the shore is that they will be ready for the summer. But I think we need to have to a new understanding of what ‘ready’ might mean this year. Yes – Jenks was open and their pavilion was open. A band was getting ready to  set up. But when you looked one way or the other, not much else was ready to go. Expectations need to be tempered.

Having said that, slowly, but surely, more eateries are getting back into business. Chop Shop BBQ in Seaside Heights opened back up this weekend. The Chicken or the Egg on LBI got their kitchen floor in recently. There’s still lots of gumption left in our local eateries that took one on the chin in late October, and it’s up to us to go out and say thanks for giving it another go.

This summer is going to be different.

Restaurant News and Notes

Lots of talk about DiBartolo’s Bakery in Collingswood getting a makeover thanks to Food Network, which is making them the subject of a reality show…Poor Piston Diner. How about a front-end loader crashing right into your restaurant…Right under our noses, Shore Fire Grille in Barnegat went and expanded their location, in three days! Rock on!…Another week, another burger joint opens up: Zinburger Wine & Burger Bar opened in Cherry Hill this past week, offering wine, cocktails and brews along with your burgers…

Here is the Farmers’ Market Report

Get ready and mark your calendars: Collingswood opens its farmers’ market on May 4th!

And in other food news this past week…

Two food bloggers from North Carolina have an online petition to get Kraft to stop using certain dyes in their mac & cheese.

And hey – don’t forget to read Lisa’s piece on British food in the Courier-Post.


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