The Sunday Edition: Big Daddy’s Big Plans in Camden

The big news this past week  was certainly the announcement that Chef Aaron McCargo (‘Big Daddy’s House’ himself) was coming back to open a new bistro in Camden, with a Fall 2013 target. It wouldn’t be his first venture in Camden; his McCargo’s Creative Cuisine eatery opened in 2003 and closed two years later. But he clearly has a desire to make this one work.

And there’s more to his vision than just a restaurant.

Chef Aaron wants to turn the block where his restaurant-to-be exists into a real food destination, according to Tara Nurin’s piece in Newsworks, complete with a breakfast spot, a deli and a BBQ joint. And it doesn’t stop there, with his ultimare goal and vision to open as many as ten restaurants in Camden. Ambitious indeed.

But his vision needs money. A city council vote on Tuesday could help with a $100,000 grant to get the ball rolling. And he still is looking for a partner in this venture to help provide the capital needed.

Chef Aaron also has to deal withe issue of being in Camden, which is a awfully tough sell. I don’t need to go into the details about the reputation Camden carries right now. But Camden is home for Big Daddy, and he wants to make a major, positive impact to his city. I wish him all the best.

For some related reading, check out  Jim Walsh’s piece in the Courier-Post on eateries in Camden that have been carrying on despite all of the issues in the city.

Restaurant News and Notes

The signs of life at the shore post-Sandy keep coming. From LBI, it’s Chicken or the Egg, which just reopened. In Lacey, Latitudes opened this past weekend. And, I forgot to say congrats to Mud City in Manahawkin for being able to reopen recently…Not every place will be so lucky. Scales Grill & Deck Bar in AC will be demolished due ot the damage sustained by Sandy…Good luck to Cape May BBQ, which will be opening its location in the Washington Mall area in the next few weeks. Will have ot check them out when we’re down there…Beer lovers rejoice: another microbrewery is opening in South Jersey! Look for Glasstown Brewing in Millville somtime this summer…

Blogging Out Hunger

The Let Us Eat, Please school food program will be extending its services after the school year in Ventnoe, Somers Point and Egg Harbor City.

And in other food news this week…

Sandy was devastating to the shellfish population as well. But there are signs that they are coming back to the region. And everyone seems to be getting into the act, from grade school kids to the Dave Matthews Band.

No early blossoms might be a good sign for the peach season this year.

Here’s an article about how women are becoming an increasing part of the agricultural industry.

Don’t call it Chink’s Steaks anymore.

And this is what I call taking a snack attack a little too far.


One thought on “The Sunday Edition: Big Daddy’s Big Plans in Camden

  1. Exciting news about Aaron McCargo opening up an eatery in Camden. I’m in Haddon Twp, a mere 10 minutes from Camden…I would definitely venture in for some of his food!

    I saw him at the Collingswood Farmers Mkt right before the big announcement of him winning the Food Network Star & he was so nice & personable.

    Go Aaron!

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