Five Years: Or, What A Long Strange Trip It’s Been


John: You do know that our 5-year anniversary is coming up.

Lisa: Five? Has the flame of our romance gone out already? You’ve forgotten that we’ve been married for eleven years, and the next milestone isn’t until September!

John: Not us, you goof. The website.

Lisa: Oh. I didn’t realize. Should we do something?

John: Mmmm, maybe. It’s kind of a big thing.

Lisa: Yes, it is. But so’s the fact that Julian is, at this moment, riding his scooter into the pond and Lizzie is munching on his homework.


Yup. Five years. Hard to believe that we’ve grown our little bitty bundle of local  culinary adventures, rants, and raves into a real, grown-up website that you guys actually like to read (yay!) And we want to thank you for reading in a way we think you’ll like: by having a WHOLE WEEK of contests and giveaways! And not just any old ordinary swag-a-licious giveaways, but ones you’d really like to have, from our favorite South Jersey food joints!

When is all this happening? How about the week of May 13-17? Good with you? Fine. Five days of prizes. Details coming…very soon!


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