Ei5J Giveaway #1: The Madison in Riverside

The Madison in Riverside provides 956fd491a8d5d9eecc25c75ab347d1a4_1224392226_1355235060a little step back, if you will, to the era of the supper club. The decor, level of service and quality of the menu allows one to make a momentry escape from 2013 to a time that seems out of place and yet so apropos in the age of food as entertainment. It’s a minor miracle that The Madison is actually here, now, and located in Burlington County. If you have not experienced it yet, or even if you are already a big fan of the place, we are happy to give you an opportunity to dine there…

The first in our week of giveways to celebrate five years as South Jersey online food enthusiasts is a $100 gift card for The Madison!

How do you enter?

Please refer here to the rules laid out for our giveaways. In addition, here are the rules specific to this giveaway:

1) The giveaway for The Madison gift card will run today (5/13/13) from 7AM to 11PM Eastern. Only comments left on this post during this period of time will be considered.

2) The winner will be announced tomorrow (5/14/13) at 7AM Eastern via post as well as by email to the winner.

3) Because it is a gift card, the email sent to the winner will request their mailing address. Mail delivery is the only option available to send the prize.

4) The winner must respond by 5/20/13 at 11:59PM to claim prize. If the winner does not claim the prize, as second winner will be selected and notified.

Good luck to all who enter, and we look forward to reading your comments!


10 thoughts on “Ei5J Giveaway #1: The Madison in Riverside

  1. It has been a pleasure reading your blog over the last 5 years and also seeing you at blogging events. The Madison is a great prize choice-nice atmosphere and good food!

  2. Being from Central New Jersey I’m at a loss at where to dine when visiting friends in South Jersey. You’ve helped fix that problem in a big way. Here….Here! To another 5 years of Culinary Critiquing. Maybe your Best Bets around Turnersville, NJ

  3. Thanks for plugging one of our local restaurants. So often we in Central NJ get overlooked. The write ups tend to be for North Jersey or the shore. We have more to offer than just diners.

  4. Congratulations on five delicious years. Thank you for steering us toward some great places. Here’s to many more wonderful meals and an even wider audience for your reviews. Cheers!

  5. Congratulations on five years! My husband and I have found many gems through the site: little-known restaurants, fantastic events we might not have heard about otherwise, and some yummy recipes. We’ve made a point to share your URL with many! Here’s to five-times-five more!

  6. Congratulations on your 5 year anniversary! As a fellow writer who is just starting out, it is inspiring to see some being so successful with their passion! I hope you continue to have much success! Thanks for all of your insight.
    ps- this would be a great way to afford a date night for my boyfriend and I 🙂 thanks for the consideration!


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