The Sunday Edition: It’s Ei5J Giveaway Time!


We’re taking a short break from our usual stuff this week to hold a special giveaway celebrating our 5-year anniversary of this site. Actually, I should say multiple giveaways, because it’s not just one prize we’re giving away. Over the next five days, we will be giving away a prize every day! We have been very fortunate over these past five years to have met many wonderful chefs and other in the industry, and they were excited to be a part of our giveaways.

BUT – we can’t tell you just yet what prizes are being given away. We’re going to string you out just a bit more.

The first giveaway will be announced Monday at 7AM.

Now…here are some of the rules:

1) Each giveaway will have a specific time period when participants can enter, as well as when each winner is announced.

2) Participants can only enter each giveaway by leaving a comment on the post that announces the specific giveaway. The comnment should mention something about our site and what they have enjoyed about it over the past years. We appreciate all the comments we get.

3) Comments left on any other page of ours (Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, RebelMouse) will not be accepted as an entry into any of this week’s giveaways. The purpose for this is to avoid any additional restrictions that may be necessary.

4) One entry per person per giveaway will be eligible.

5) Giveaway winners will be selected using the Random Interger Generator at Entries will be assigned a number based on when they are received (1st entry will be assigned ‘1’, 2nd entry ‘2’, etc…).

6) Giveaway winners will be notified by post as well as by email. Please make sure that the email address you provide when making a comment is legitimate.

7) Additional rules for each giveaway will be announced when they are posted.

Rules, rules, rules…I know, but they are necessary. Anyways, we look forward to getting things started tomorrow!


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