South Jersey Food Chat, Episode 1 (The Pilot)

We did something sneaky.

We went ahead and started a Google+ hangout show with our good friend Robin Shreeves called (for now) South Jersey Food Chat. It’s not sneaky in the fact that we just thought of the idea and went ahead and did it; we’re been planning this with Robin for some time. The sneaky part is that we did our first live show Tuesday night with Deborah Smith from Jersey Bites as our first guest…and didn’t really tell anyone.

Until now.

So…feel free to watch below and see how we did. And please feel free to comment here or send us a tweet using the hashtag #SJfoodchat.

The current plan is to do a show every other week, so our next show is scheduled for June 11 at 9:30PM. You can watch the show live on our YouTube page and our Google+ page, or you will be able to watch it after the fact at those pages as well as here on our website.


One thought on “South Jersey Food Chat, Episode 1 (The Pilot)

  1. Great job, everyone! Any thought on doing this earlier in the evening? 9:30 pm is nearly my bedtime 😉 I will do some experimenting with my webcam to get involved for the next time.

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