The Sunday Edition: Obis One Is…

…quite possibly the most important thing going on in South Jersey food right now. We visited the farm today and were simply awestruck. More to come and to discuss. There’s a lot to talk about.

Restaurant News and Notes

Sadly, what used to be Chelsea Prime at the Chelsea in Atlantic City is now something that is much inferior…If you find yourself at the Tropicana in AC and needing a burger fix, get thee to the Broadway Burger Bar. Excellent burgers and they source their veggies locally. Respectable beer list as well…Amish Family Restaurant will be opening this week at Landis MarketPlace in Vineland…

Here’s the Farmers’ Market Report

We still got blueberries. We have corn. Where are those tomatoes? Blame the wet weather. But the heavy rains are not all bad; some crops are doing quite well.

Blogging Out Hunger

The summer is a tough time for food banks.

You have one more Saturday to donate food to the Angels of God Clothing Closet in Pitman during their food drive.

And in other food news this past week…

Flying Fish (very quietly) had the soft opening of its tasting room at their new location in Somerdale.

Pathmark is closing three of their South Jersey locations, including Camden.

Local community cookouts in Atlantic City are being brought back this summer.

DiBartolo Bakery had its Food Network moment this week when its “Save My Bakery” show aired on Monday.

A farmer in Vineland got a little heavier in his wallet – to the tune of over a quarter of a million from the lottery.

Flounder season is being extended this year. And blue crabs seem to be coming back after a slow start to the season.

And guess what came back this weekend? Twinkies!


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