So What’s to Know About Farm to Fork Week 2013?


SJ Hot Chefs is once again showcasing the bounty of our regional farmland with their Farm to Fork Week, which is taking place July 21 to 27. Here’s what you need to know:

* If you are not familiar with SJ Hot Chefs, where have you been? It is an organization of independently-owned restaurants in Burlington, Camden and Gloucester counties that work together to promote the best our region has to offer in terms of dining. Part of that work includes partering up with local farmers, and not just for an event like Farm to Fork Week but on a regular basis.

* Although the membership in SJ Hot Chefs has changed over the years, there are over 30 restaurants that will be participating in Farm to Fork Week. Many of you, I’m sure, are familiar with the names of the participating restaurants; some have earned their place in the gastro-consciousness of the region, like Cafe Madison, Elements Cafe, La Esperanza, and Caffe Aldo Lamberi. Others are rising stars, such as Tavro Thirteen, Marlene Mangia Bene, Top Notch, and Indiya.

* Not only are over 30 restaurants participating, the homegrown raw materials being prepared are coming from over 90 local farms, and you can see the list of farms on the SJ Hot Chefs website in addition to the restaurants.

* Each restaurant will be serving a special four-course meal featuring locally-grown items for $35 a person, and in some locations for only $25!

* New this year: some locations will even be serving a two-course lunch special for only $10. By my count there are 10 restaurants offering the special lunch, so you have some options there as well.

So show your support for local independent restaurants and farms and taste what the SJ Hot Chefs are preparing for you this week!


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