Wildwoods Restaurant Week (Part Deux) for 2013

Memorial Day and Labor Day may be the unofficial beginning and ending of summer, but close on their heels are Wildwoods Restaurant Week…and Wildwoods Restaurant Week.


Yes, they have two restaurant weeks in the Wildwood/NorthWildwood/Wildwood Crest area: one in June and the other in August. This year, the second Wildwoods Restaurant Week takes place from August 25 to 30. There are 25 restaurants participating, offering four courses for $30. The range of eateries participating is an interesting one – from the very simple and straighforward to the newer more eclectic places like Cattle ‘n Clover and The Establishment at 100 (where Claude’s used to be in North Wildwood). While maybe not the most talked-about dining scene, there is enough here at the Wildwoods to make their Restauarnt Week worth a trip.  And if you’re doing a vacation that week, then you’ve struck it rich, my friend!

Here’s the full list of participating restaurants:

Adam’s Restaurant – 1700 Boardwalk, North Wildwood. 609.523.1002.
Alfe’s Restaurant – 3401 New Jersey Avenue, Wildwood. 609.729.5755.
Bandanas Mexican Grille – 5607 Atlantic Avenue, Wildwood Crest. 609.522.5735.
Blue Water Grille – 3320 Atlantic Avenue, Wildwood. 609.522.0303.
Boardwalk Bar & Grill – 3500 Atlantic Avenue, Wildwood. 609.522.2431.
Boathouse Restaurant – 506 W. Rio Grande Avenue, Wildwood. 609.729.5301.
Cattle ‘n Clover Irish Steakhouse – 3817 Pacific Avenue, Wildwood. 609.522.3800.
Dog Tooth Bar & Grille – 100 E. Taylor Avenue, Wildwood. 609.522.8383.
Gia Restaurant – 7400 Ocean Avenue, Wildwood Crest. 609.729.5959.
Ice House Restaurant & Bar – 4415 Park Boulevard, Wildwood. 609.522.0033.
Jersey Girl Drinks and Dining – 3601 Atlantic Avenue, Wildwood. 609.523.1800.
Joe’s Fish Company – 3501 Boardwalk, Wildwood. 609.846.1069.
La Piazza Cucina – 4600 Pacific Avenue, Wildwood. 609.522.8300.
Little Italy Restaurant & Market Place – 5401 Atlantic Avenue, Wildwood Crest. 609.523.0999.
Neil’s Island Pub & Grille – 222 E. Schellenger Avenue, Wildwood. 609.522.5226.
North End American Grill – 206 Olde New Jersey Avenue, North Wildwood. 609.435.5691.
Pacific Grill – 4801 Pacific Avenue, Wildwood. 609.523.2333.
Piro’s Village Restaurant – 1901 New York Avenue, North Wildwood. 609.729.0401.
Q Fire Grille – 517 W. Rio Grande Avenue, Wildwood. 609.522.3055.
Ravioli House – 102 E. Bennett Avenue, Wildwood. 609.522.7894.
Schellenger’s Restaurant – 3516 Atlantic Avenue, Wildwood. 609.522.0433.
The Establishment at 100 –100 Olde New Jersey Avenue, North Wildwood. 609.523.8100.
Urie’s Waterfront Restaurant – 588 W. Rio Grande Avenue, Wildwood. 609.522.4189.
Westy’s Irish Pub – 101 E. Walnut Avenue, North Wildwood. 609.522.4991.
Wharf Restaurant – 708 W. Burk Avenue, Wildwood. 609.522.6336.[/mpoverlay]

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