‘My American Pantry’ Photo Project Comes to South Jersey

Calling all you Jersey food artisans and farmers, beer and wine makers alike! Your presence is requested for a special aerial photo project called My American Pantry. Starting in California, My American Pantry (MAP) is moving its way across the country, collecting pictures and stories of those who are making a unique statement about the food in their region. And now, let me step aside and let Andrea Blum (founder of MAP) tell you more…

WHO: Welcome to an exciting photo project from My American Pantry (MAP), an atlas of American Food and Drink.
WHAT: We are calling all food and drink artisans/ farmers in South New Jersey to be part of a national artisan food and drink mapping project. The project will travel around the country documenting by aerial photography and geography the amazing array of artisans and products around the country. This is a celebration of creativity, taste and entrepreneurship. The end-goal is to create an interactive tapestry of food, story and recipes that celebrate the American table and bring the photos to the World’s Faire in MIlan in 2015.
WHERE: Jah’s Creation Organic farm
WHEN: September 22, 2013 @ 2 pm
HOW: To be part of the shoot sign in at the New Jersey link at www.myamericanpantry.com or sign up here. We will send the details of what to bring. Essentially you bring yourselves, your products and the tools of the trade that represent you and we will do the rest with the composition and with the remote control camera flying above!
WHY:The goal is to travel around the country documenting the new and expanding American artisan food & drink landscape and to celebrate the stories of craftspeople and place as part of an interactive MAP of American food culture.
Please sign up and pass the word around.
Many Thanks,
Andrea Blum
Founder MAP


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