Beer Me This Week in South Jersey

Back for a another week of suds-y love. It’s a great time to be a beer lover in South Jersey as more local brews appear on the scene. Before getting to the events, here an update on some of those local microbrews…

Glasstown Brewing in Millville has been busy getting their location at the Millville Airport together and are still shooting to have their tasting room up and running sometime this month. Glasstown has six beers in their arsenal, from a wheat beer to a stout.

Pinelands Brewing in Little Egg Harbor is also building like mad and its ETA for opening is late September – early October. They look to have four brews available when they open.

Rinn Duin Brewing in Toms River (Toms River? Yes, Toms River) is very close to getting their battle station fully operational. Their theme is Irish, Scottish and English ales.

While we will do our best to keep up on the goings on in local beer scene, you must…must…follow Jeff Linkous’ Beer-Stained Letter and Mike Kivowitz’s New Jersey Craft Beer websites. Their passion for Jersey beer is clear and true.

OK, what’s going on this week?

Firestone-Walker from California takes over Geraghty’s Pub in Burlington this Wednesday at 7PM.

On Saturday, Iron Hill in Maple Shade is having a Welcome, Great Pumpkin launch party from 12PM to 5PM. Try their pumpkin brew while supplies last!

Flying Fish will be offering free tours and will be part of the beer garden at Somerdale Day.

And Geraghty’s gets a head start with their own Oktoberfest!


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