Labor Day is Here…and So Are the Beach Plums

So this is Labor Day, and what have you done?

The unofficial end of the summer season is now upon us, and while there is some bit of sadness about that, a bit of sweeness can also be tasted this time of year…literally. Why? Because it’s prunus maritima time, that’s why.

Beach plums, the official fruit of Cape May County, are harvested in late August and early September to be used in james, jellies and other food applications. You can find a listing of recipes and places that sell beach plum seedlings and products on the Cape May County Beach Plum Association website. They also have some recipes for beach plums, inlcuding beach plum cobbler and a beach plum cordial. One of the places listed is Jalma Farms in Ocean View, which currently has two kinds of beach plum jams available: a regular one and a hot pepper version. Of course, since Cape May County has a number of wineries, you would expect there to be a beach plum wine. And thanks to Natali Vineyards, there is.

But whay should Cape May County have all the plum-good fun?

This Sunday is is the 16th annual Beach Plum Festival at Island Beach State Park. This festival is a very kid-friendly event, and includes beach plum picking as well the sampling of beach plum food items (including ice cream). The festival goes from 9AM to 4PM, and a $5 donation per car is requested.


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